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Bio: Miguel "PROFECT" Esparza is bending man's rule, celebrating freedom in Christ, and is enjoying life in abundance.

With his boisterous anti-religion and tradition speech, he lives to tell of the hope that is found in Jesus Christ alone, touching on his personal experiences with the Lord during a lengthy incarceration. From the streets, through the prison system, and into the newness of a transformed life, Profect is more than qualified to speak to today's generation in relation to God’s perfect love for an imperfect world


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Bio: GhostLotus is a rapper from Derby, UK but was born in Congo not long after his family escaped the Rwandan genocide in the mid-'90s. Since 15yrs old he has been writing, recording and performing his own tracks. He has always seen music as an art form and pursues perfection by expressing real-life situations through his music. Early 2017 he released his 'Cityscape' mixtape which showcased his talent, raw style, and tenacity - instantly putting him in the spotlight. With plans to release new music and visuals, GhostLotus is on the move. His skills as a lyricist, tempered with being able to produce his own tracks, make for an artistic and exciting culmination. You need to watch this space!

Chris TyK

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Bio: I'm an artist from Columbus, Ohio. I never had an interest in pursuing music originally, I started at about 17 - 18 (I'm 27 now), doing "text battles". They're exactly as they sound, rap battles done through typed out verses, typically over Facebook and other social sites.

I grew to like making songs and took it seriously by the time I was in college. Performing many times between Columbus and Cleveland. When it seemed I was picking up enough traction to try my first song in music stores, After just one single I changed my music.

In the year following my college graduation in 2015, I became a Christian and felt convicted to change my music. Overall I'm just a newly born Christian trying to make great music and honor my God as I do.

Philip Anthony

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Bio: "I believe that life comes from God and that music is a way of capturing life's most significant moments. It's true when they say that music is an expression of the self, but shouldn't we continually strive to become our best "selves? We're all imperfect, but with each new day, we're given a unique opportunity to grow beyond where we were previously. My hope is that you can identify with my growth and progression, and even share in some of the most significant moments of my life as you listen to my music."

From defying all odds, free-styling to popular song instrumentals to becoming a fast-rising rap sensation in the music industry. Philip Anthony has won the hearts of many fans and music lovers across the world, and he is set to become a household name for the effortless delivery of dope lyrics that constantly melt the hearts of his listeners worldwide.

Marrio Esco

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Bio: Marrio Esco is an all-round Christian creative & content creator ranging from songwriting, producing film & music, performing, podcast producer & more.

With a degree in The Science of Audio, years of experience with producing film & music, a heart for the Christian creative, and a zeal for proclaiming truth he hopes to entertain with excellency & purpose.