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About: Ever wonder what would happen if you took the lyrics from your favorite worship song and put them to a dope hip hop beat? If you did, you would get Microphone!

With his obvious passion for God, and his love for the hip hop style of music, when listening to Mic you will hear a blend of two genres. Prior to Accepting Jesus in his life in 2010, Mic's passion was for material things and personal gain. It showed through the lifestyle he lived and the music he made.

After giving his life to God, Mic was reluctant to continue pursuing his music dreams. "I only knew how to pursue music selfishly, so I was afraid that continuing in it would pull me away from God." He suppressed song ideas and vision of ministering, not realizing that doing so was being selfish with this new gift God had given him. "God said to me clear as day that I wasn't on the wrong road, I was just going the wrong direction." It was at that moment that he understood that God didn't want him to stop making music, rather, He wanted Mic to make music for Him.

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About: Jesus muzik from the Lord's island, Long Island

True Muzik

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About: True Muzik understands the call as stated in Matthew 28:19, to make disciples of all nations, and because of this he is set to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth.

True Muzik has ministered in several states across the U.S. as well as presented the truth of Jesus abroad, to countries such as Canada and Jamaica. Throughout his travels, he has had the honor of sharing the stage with several international and award-winning artists. True Muzik eagerly awaits what the Lord has in store for the ministry next. Glory to God alone.


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Bio: Born December 28, 1987, in St. Louis, Missouri - Christopher Scott Williams, better known by his stage name Jude, is an independent Christian hip hop artist, songwriter, and motivational speaker.

Releasing his highly anticipated first project 'Inner Light' (August 2017) featuring the lead-off single "On Me" being streamed over 17,000 times on Soundcloud, Jude has become a fan favorite encapsulating styles similar to Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. Jude looks to inspire, uplift, and motivate those around him to aspire greatness. Since its release, another song of the 'Inner Light' album called "Know Me" has reached #1 on Trend City Radio charts. Also, Jude has inducted into the Trend City Radio Hall of Fame.


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Bio: I'm a 17-year-old trap artist who loves to make music for all types of people!