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Bio: Toledo, Ohio Recording Artist coreywordsmith has been writing lyrics and recording music since 2010. What started as a hobby under the name "C.O." with childhood friends has grown into a passion that he balances on top of being a husband and father.

He utilizes a lyrical/wordplay centric style with a unique, Midwest flow, while sharing his Faith, struggles, and life with listeners.
 Influences include Eminem, Kanye West, Bizzle, and Lecrae.

'Faces' is the title track and first single off coreywordsmith's new EP. 'Faces EP' - scheduled for a mid-2019 release.


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Bio: Bridgewater is an American Urban-Contemporary Christian group. The Dallas, Texas-based married duo specializes in uplifting, life-affirming music with elements of R&B/Soul, Contemporary Christian, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Jazz.  Their eclectic sound and strong testimony have allowed them to transcend musical genre labels and provide great music to various cultures and age groups.

Joshua "J. Bridge" Bridgewater is the producer and lead vocalist of the group. Born in New Orleans Louisiana, he was introduced to music at an early age. His interest in music led him to pursue a professional career in performing arts in Dallas, Texas.

Kristina Witta "K" was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Waco, Texas. Kristina is the female rap vocal lead of this husband and wife group. She has a unique lyrical style, life learned lessons and a soul-rich rasp that puts one in the mind of a new age MC Lyte. She aims to encourage young women to keep pressing forward, "no matter the setback -turn your wounds into wisdom."

The positive messages in their music are backed by energetic and engaging performances. Their sound is a fresh approach to merge various music genres to share their life experiences, openly discuss social issues and to share the love of Christ.


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Bio: Terrence Ford, better known as his stage name “GodFrame,” is an artist who believes that music is more than a collection of sounds - but a tool that God can use to change lives. As a Christian rapper, singer, and producer, GodFrame hopes his music does just that.

It was music that first helped GodFrame realize who Jesus was and that he was not a made-up fairytale. “My mom raised me in church, so I was always around gospel music,” he says. “I remember being 8 or 9 years old, sitting in on a choir rehearsal, and out of nowhere the lyrics to one of the songs hit me right in the heart. I don’t remember the words, but I remember the Lord telling me something like ‘these words are true -- and I love you.’ The next thing I know, I was crying uncontrollably. Everybody at church thought something was wrong with me, but I was just overcome with joy.”

GodFrame (which means made in God's image) had already fallen in love with music at an early age -- beat-boxing and drumming on pots and pans, then later learning the piano and saxophone. But as his talent for music expanded, so did his love for God.

Often taking listeners on a transparent journey through his own stories of coming to Christ and overcoming fatherlessness, pornography addiction, suicidal thoughts, and more -- all while melodically rapping and singing over a variety of genre-bending, Pop-Rap beats, GodFrame aims to help people understand their identity, purpose, and relationships through the lens of the gospel.

DJ Expander

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Bio: DJ Expander is a seventeen-year-old Christian Hip Hop artist and producer.

Born in Manhatthan, KS, he doesn’t really have a hometown because his father graduated from college at The US Army Military Academy in 1998 and is an officer in the US Army.

Since his father is in the military, he's had to move around a lot growing up. In total, he’s lived in eight different houses over a period of seventeen years.

His two main goals, in being a musician, are to do all of his work for the glory of God and for the expansion of The Kingdom.

Chandler Swain

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Bio: Chandler Swain is a talented, 14-year-old rapper/producer that has spent the last one and a half years pouring his heart and soul into his music.

Attempting to relate to others and be there for them, just like some of his favorite artists have been in the past, Chandler works on his music practically every day, improving with every new song that is put out. He has remained significantly transparent about his struggles and all of the rough patches that he has had to endure throughout his life and will remain that way in his music no matter what happens.

Whether it be tiresome social interactions or long mental wars, Chandler's music is a way for him to confront his problems and be open about them with not only his listeners but also himself. His motivation to work so hard at creating his music and getting it heard, stems directly from everything that God has done for him. From guiding him out of seasons of addiction and depression to sending his son down to die on the cross for his sins. A saying and key belief of his is that "there's a way around everything."

From not understanding even the most basic principles of music, to mixing and mastering full Hip-Hop tracks, Chandler Swain has grown exponentially in the short amount of time that he has been on the music scene and he is determined to continue no matter what roadblocks he may face.

Jeff Cabreja

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Bio: I was born in Newark, NJ but moved into Reading, PA shortly after and have been residing here since. I’ve been involved in music basically my whole life due to the fact that I’ve been drumming since age 4.

Rap and hip-hop, especially the boom-bap sub-genre, have always interested me more than any other genre due to wordplay and variety of flows. I was in high school when I was first introduced into the recording aspect of it. This was truly significant to me because it all unfolded during a time in my life where my family was going through some tough situations. My dad had fallen into drug addiction and my family was falling apart… expressing myself lyrically did better than drumming had ever done, and so I started leaning towards writing and recording music instead.

Since my first release, I’ve built up a catalog of singles, including one EP, and have several music videos available to view on Youtube. I’ve hosted and headlined two shows and have been featured on several blogs and playlists including Rapzilla, New Release Today, and Trackstarz.


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Bio: Kahuna is from Oahu Hawaii. Capitol of Hawaii and Hawaii Hip Hop Mecca!

Grandfather/Pioneer of Hawaii Christian Hip Hop, Kahuna has been rapping for 14 years. Over that period he has released a handful of singles, an album, and an EP.

He’s worked with some of the greats in CHH like Dre Murray, Alano Adan, Jake James, Swade, and 1995. Kahuna has always seemed to push the listener and culture towards Jesus through authentic rhymes and lyrics.

Currently working on his second album and EP, he is excited and still learning on how to grow as an artist and a man. Check his stuff out on Spotify and be sure to follow him to keep up with all music updates!


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Bio: My name is Bradley Chatman (artist name TRUTHA), and I am from the south side of Chicago, IL. I began rapping when I was 16 with my high school friends, who rapped, sing, and produced. I continued to develop this gift, and at the peak of my secular music career, Jesus transformed my life. I began to make music under the CHH group “Brothers of Saved Souls & Encouraging Sisters.” Music is an area of ministry that plays an effective role in drawing people closer to God and His truth. I am very passionate about using Hip-Hop to evangelize to young people, as that is my testimony. Over five years later, I founded God First Crew LLC to provide an avenue to continue this movement of evangelism.


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Bio: My name is Azrael. I'm 24 years old. I had a rough, abusive, neglectful childhood growing up.

I was separated from my mom when I was 4, never met my dad till 12. Growing up, I never had trust for others, because I promised I would never let someone hurt me again. I got in a lotta trouble in school, and although I was quite intelligent for my age, I often used it for nefarious purposes. When I got to my teens I started going to youth group, where I met my pastor/spiritual father, Jeff. I have no doubt God intertwined our paths, as I started going to the church the year he started there. Of course, I didn't trust him at first and would do things he didn't approve of to test and see if he would abandon me like everyone else. But he never did, he never gave up on me. I experienced God's love for the first time through Jeff.

I gave my life to the Lord on February 6th, 2011.  since then I've been in treatment 8 times, jail 4 times, been in many fights. But the Lord has been faithful and brought me through it all. Now I just wanna make music that will help others who are in the same places, that glorifies the Lord. If money comes with this, cool. But if just one person gets saved through my music,  I will have accomplished my goal.

Aaron Dews

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Bio: Aaron Dews is a young artist/producer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Being born and raised up in a few of the meccas of pop, country, and hip hop music, such as Nashville and Atlanta, Aaron has been encapsulated by The Arts. 

He originally started off with dancing, acting, & playing drums but soon gained a passion to follow his father's footsteps, Ellis Dews, in music production at the age of 11. Self-taught, he excelled at a young age and began writing and rapping at 13, due to a mentor, Harold Simmons aka Fyutch, pushing him to step out of his "beatmaker bubble".

Around the same time, he encountered a revelation that all creatives' gifts have been given by the Lord as a tool to draw others back to the One that entrusted us with the gift. Aaron's mission is to provide a message of relatability, positivity, and hope. He now hones his gifts of rapping, music production, writing, photography, and digital design in an endless pursuit of excellence that he may win some along the way as his favorite verse being his mantra "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity." I Timothy 4:12.

Also, in his spare time, he loves to teach hip hop dance classes & study DC/Marvel characters. You can even find his latest EP, 'Dick Grayson' (Batman's sidekick formerly Robin),  available out now on all media platforms.