Jae Burnz

Instagram: @jaeburnz615  Twitter: @jae_burnz

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Bio: A CHH artist originally from Detroit, currently residing in Nashville, TN.

After a serious battle with depression, God has delivered me and the joy that I have found in Jesus I pour into my family, music, and ministry.

Jae brings a unique style and perspective to hip hop. "I always enjoyed music, but have been more inclined to hip hop, funk, and blues. I believe my love for music and the artists that have inspired me over the years helped shape the music I make today. Hip hop has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember."

"My father was big on being a man of integrity. I am the same person on and off the stage; in public and in private. My goal is to point people to the cross. Not just through the music, but by the way I live my life...period."


Soul Surfin' | Single - 2020
Do the Most | Single - 2020
Be 1 | Single - 2020
Faith Over Fear | Single - 2020
Strength to Stand | Single - 2020
Motor City Madness | Single - 2020