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Bio: REFMusic208 (FKA R.E.F.) is far from your average rapper.

With a new vision and desire to make music that’s relevant to the culture, experimental and unique, RM208 lets his message drive his music home with lyrics of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

RM208 is co-owner of the nationally recognized CHH record label and ministry group God Sqwad. He’s also the owner of Christian Hip Hop radio station/app “Sqwad Life Radio”.

RM208 has made a name for himself in his home state of Idaho as both an artist and a promoter, being the main CHH promoter for the states southern side.


KNGDM COME | Album - Set for release June, 2019
Been Blessed | Single - 2019
Right Now | Single - 2019
Need a Blessing | Single - 2018
Glidin' | Single - 2018
High and Low | Single - 2018
No Compromise | Single - 2018
Loyal | Single - 2018
Brush Off | Single - 2018