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Bio: Joe Johnson, better known as Untdld, is a hip hop artist based in Philadelphia. Creating music with his own personality and life experience on each track, Untdld is short for Untitled.

In this world people try to place labels on you, whether good or bad. My goal as an artist is to create my own lane, sound, and ultimately move through this world with titles.

I was born and raised in Chicago and then later moved to Winter Haven, Fl.

As I a kid I would write verses and hook with no beat; I would just go off the melody in my head and just go for hours. As I got older I kind of gave up on music because I lacked skill. My passion returned in 2016 with a song I wrote called "Salvation" which was received well by many.

I’ve been behind the scenes working on my craft, my delivery, and overall writing. I think that the music I have been sitting on is going to define who I am as an artist and person. I hope that everyone who hears me shakes off the negative titles that people or society may give them and embrace who they really are.

I am Untdld!


Refocus | Album - 2018
Winning Season | Single - 2018
YCHMB (You Can't Hold Me Back) | Single - 2018
Drowning | Single - 2018
Yellow Light | Single - 2018
Oil | Single - 2019
New Horizons | Single - 2019
Off Pause | Single - 2019
Noise | Single - 2019
Never Stress | Upcoming Release

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